Samsung confirms the launch of the domestic helper Bixby in the second half

Take the city train phones in Samsung’s conference on Galaxy S 9 to confirm that the company is already working on the development of voice assistant, my home my work the assistant Bixby will do it probably during the second half of the year.

It’s still early to talk about the price of the device or all of its advantages but is expected to be there are several versions of it as I did Google and Amazon where they launched the simplified versions of the cheap and more and design greater and a higher price, it seems that this approach will face Samsung and not, as did Apple when it launched only one device HomePod. Some rumors suggested that it would be priced at about 200 dollars without the clarification of any version will be this price.

Samsung would pack The development of your applications and help out, Audio developers to try it and integration with their apps, so this is going to be ready with the launch of the voice assistant in the home.

And Samsung to make her associate the new sound as central as the platform SmartThings for smart home devices Add to provide traditional functions such as play music and create memos and others.

The official said in the Samsung company that focuses on making the organization a pioneer more means they want to compete with hardware high price of Google and Amazon and Apple TV.

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