Samsung confirms the date disclosed her phone rollaway in the video trailer

After a series of dispersion relations made by Samsung, came Video headline the latter, entitled “the future unfolds” to refer to the confidence of the Korean giant that her phone would be about the future of the new world of phones.

The video reiterated that Samsung intends to uncover the telephone by folding at least in part with phones Galaxy S10, on Wednesday 20 February.

Samsung already showed us the model did not have it hurt the design of the phone late last November, but details of the design were somewhat vague, coupled with the ambiguity of the system software and the specifications of the device, which should be disclosed to them with the series Galaxy S10 or after a week at the World Conference.

Recall that we ruin the recent emergence of Samsung phone rollaway in a leaked video, published before the report is made to the specifications of the phone.

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