Samsung confirms that the Galaxy M20 featuring Infinity screen-V

Samsung presents ideas associated with the Galaxy M20 with the Infinity screen-V or design features the extrusion of the upper small-sized representative of the company, where the company introduced the first images of the phone on the official page for the phone on the internet.

Galaxy M20 is the first version product the launch of Samsung with a design featuring extrusion top in the screen, where the sound of your phone published on the page of Samsung, the leaks published on the phone during the financial period.

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I have referred the previous forecast also indicates that Samsung is trying to update its line of production of the Galaxy M to come as an alternative for the other series of Galaxy A is expected, or the Galaxy J, C low-cost.

Also according to the pictures revealed by the official page of the phone, the Galaxy M20 includes the edges too skinny with the design of the relatively larger at the bottom of the phone, with the settings of the double cable control of rear, with full control of Silva one in extrusion of the upper in the screen.

Recall that the official announcement of the Galaxy M20 comes in 28 of January of the current, where the forecasts indicate that Samsung is offering this version in Indian markets at the beginning.


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