Samsung confirms Galaxy A90 will come without any bump in the screen!

We spotted you in the report of the early work of Samsung phone with camera pop-up, and pointed outlook to the Galaxy A90, and now appeared official information from the website of Samsung refer to the advent of the Galaxy A90 with the screen, but bump.

Galaxy A90 سيأتي بدون أي نتوء في الشاشة

Galaxy A90 will come without any bump in the screen

According to the picture on the site the company’s web site which seems to have been updated to include the prototype is not declared, it is expected to be announced phone in the next month and will sit on top of the series Galaxy A available Samsung click Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 .

That last detail from the official website Don’t know for sure that the phone will come with a camera popup, but maybe it comes with a camera inside the screen, such as those found in series Galaxy S10 .

On the other side, if a company Samsung is about to announce the first phone equipped with a camera Silva popup, then the series of Galaxy A is the appropriate range for it.

In the past year, said the head of the company that Samsung plans to roll out new features on its phones Medium first before applying them in the flagship phones, which is exactly what the company has done since then, where the Galaxy A7 is the first phone of the company with three rear cameras, the Galaxy A9 the first phone with four cameras wallpaper, and Galaxy A8s the first phone of Samsung with a hole in the screen.

Is comes Samsung Galaxy A90 with a camera source?! That’s what we’ll bring him back on 10 April when the official announcement about the phone.

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