Samsung completed development of technology to 5nm EUV resists, may be used to manufacture the processor Galaxy S11


Samsung announced that it successfully completed the development of the technology of manufacturing chips 5nm EUV resists, and is willing to ship samples to interested companies.

And Samsung that the technology of manufacturing the new efficient best when it comes to the space by 25 percent and reduce rate of energy consumption by 20 percent, or improve performance by 10 percent with the use of the same amount of energy. And adopts the technology of 5 nm the new the same process of EUV resists, and the use of new manufacturing technology in the Samsung factory in the city of Hwaseong. It will work this plant the increase sought by the second half of this year and increase production in early 2020.

Still too early to tell, but given the road map to manufacturing technology 7 nm, it is possible to start a company Samsung to produce the chips and processors using technology 5 nm new in the year 2020, this means by the time appropriate to launch a series of phones Galaxy S11 Series.

In addition to the manufacturing technology of 5 nm, the company Samsung is also working on the manufacture of computer chips and processors using technology 6nm EUV resists in collaboration with some customers. Of course, the manufacturing technology that will lower the cost of technology 5 nm will be suitable for medium and high-end.


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