Samsung compete with Chinese companies via phones Indian

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سامسونج تنافس الشركات الصينية عبر الهواتف الهندية

Company is planning Samsung launch a series of smartphones in India prior to the issuance globally, in order to regain the ground they conceded to its Chinese competitors, such as Shao in the second largest market for mobile phones in the world, where the decreased market share of the South Korean company in the Indian market compared to Chinese companies such as Shaw in two quarters of first three quarters for the year 2018 which data are available, according to market research firm Counterpoint.

The director of the sector of mobile phones India at Samsung told Reuters that the new phones of series Galaxy M, which Samsung intends to sell through her website and Amazon India, will help the company double sales over the internet, said Assem resto Asim Warsi: “I’ve been building a series M in line with the requirements of the consumers an alpha. the Indians”, adding that the phones will be available globally after the launch of the Indian at the end of January.

He declined to give specific details, but said that online sales accounted for a percentage composed of the number of the total profits of the mobile phones of the company, the total sales of mobile phones in India up to $ 5.3 billion (373.5 billion rupees) in the 12 months to the end of March 2018, according to a regulatory source of her, a business intelligence platform.

Said the director of the sector of mobile phones India Samsung i phones manufactured by India, which is less than the price of 142 $ (10 thousand rupees) and the price of its maximum to 284 USD (20 thousand rupiah) will include batteries with capacities larger features such as fast charging.

And the South Korean company to re-focus on the Indian market, which includes more than a million subscribers in wireless networks, where it is still nearly 350 million users don’t use smart phones, opened last year, said it’s the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world in the outskirts of the Indian capital New Delhi, as well as the largest shop for mobile phones at the world level in the near Bengaluru.

It is expected that the expansion in the plant available in India, which will be completely in 2020, to double the capacity of Samsung in relation to the proliferation of telephones within the country of 68 million phones per year to 120 million phones per year, said Rose: “there Samsung a lot of Vision Research and development towards the consumers in India who have great connection with many other consumers in many other parts of the world”.

And Samsung Indian phones through 250 thousand retail outlets and more than 2000 exclusive shop, with support provided by center 2000 Service, and has indicated that earlier reports that the specifications of the new phones may be similar to the specifications of the phones made by Samsung in the phones average during recent months, such as the rear camera three the Galaxy A7 and the quadriceps in the Galaxy A9, in addition to the front camera within the screen in the Samsung Galaxy A8s.

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung compete with Chinese companies via phones Indian

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