Samsung closes security hole was allow the hackers to take full account of users


Find the latest security researchers to the bug in the official website of Samsung, which could have allowed hackers to take over users ‘ accounts in full by tricking the user to click a malicious link. Been reported to Samsung that the vulnerability earlier this month by a security researcher of the Ukrainian Artem Moskowsky.

The report from website ZDNet says that this vulnerability is common among pirates. It is estimated that this vulnerability allows hackers to deceive the victim’s browser to run code hidden on the other sites user access when on the attacker’s site.

Discovered security researcher Artem Moskowsky in fact three problems in the account management system of the company. The first creation would enable the hacker to change details of the profile of the victim. The back second, it allows them to disable the option two-stage authentication, while allowing them to back second change the security question. Thus, we can use the back of the second to take over the accounts.

Could the attacker tricking the user to click on the malicious link would change the security question answer. Can therefore reset the password using the security question that has been breached. Samsung corrects these vulnerabilities having been reported by a security researcher. And Samsung about 13300 USD researcher security Artem Moskowsky as informed.



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