Samsung choose on April 10 as the date to reveal the series Galaxy A

As expected, Samsung has announced officially about the big event to be held on 10 April next so as to detect series phones new or refurbished, so to speak, carrying the name of Galaxy A.

According to the leaks the past as is evident in the poster advert will be Samsung for 3 phones is the Galaxy A20 Galaxy A40 and the most efficient you’ll get the name of the Galaxy A90.

Also you’re implying the picture that the three phones will be the screen complete with frames fairly accurate, but obviously, the phone Galaxy A90 will receive the equipment benefits more than the rest.

Also will be promoting Galaxy A90 with three cameras background camera selfie mechanical pop-up appear only when you need it as it exists in a lot of Chinese phones is currently.

The talk will be held in three cities-Bangkok, Milan and Sao Paulo will be broadcast live.


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