Samsung choose a new phone running Android atmosphere!

According to a report released by Samsung it is currently working on testing different versions of the phone model number SM-J260 in a number of different countries in Europe and Latin America and Asia.

In the month of April, The Last reported company Samsung has been the inclusion of a phone model M-J260G one of the versions of the previous phone on the Database Site GeekBench this phone is incorporated on the site in the motherboard of the phones on that “7570universal_go”. Can be a signal of “go” as proof that this device is intended to run the operating system Android Go posed by Google.

And want Samsung in launch of phones running the new operating system instead of user interface is the old Samsung which was called TouchWiz, but there is no much information about the Launch Date of the phone or its price.

What is Android Joe

أندرويد جو
Is the Android system based on original system Android oreo 8.0 was developed for smart phones low, which has a capacity of 1 GB or less memory random access.
Also supposed to use the applications designed to run on Android Go storage space and less memory and version of Android phones Go by ZTE and Huawei, Asus and other companies.

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