Samsung build a plant processors new strictly 7 Nm



With the rising demand from manufacturers of smart phones on the processors especially within the category of flagship phones, Samsung intends to build a new plant treatments accurately 7 Nm in order to match competition with the company TSMC Taiwan famous in this area.

Will create a new plant in the province of Gyeonggi in South Korea will be held with highly advanced imported from the Netherlands where they rely on the UV instead of the traditional way followed by TSMC.

It is expected to start production at the factory next year where it will be investing approximately $ 6 trillion won and 10 sets of production at least.

The rights of TSMC over Samsung in the sector of processors 7 Nm specifically, the company began trial production this year.

Of course, with the passage of the coming years will increase the complexity and accuracy of manufacturing processors up to 4 Nm by the year 2020.

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