Samsung browser the Internet has now become faster and safer

Samsung updated the beta version of its own Internet browser on the Android operating system which is the official browser for its smart phones in order to version 7.2 to become faster than the former and safer. It uses the new version of the browser engine chromium M59 which provides a faster browsing experience and graphics improved in online games, it features a new version of the Samsung browser further layer of protection to alert users when they visit websites that try to steal data or install malware.
Besides that comes the browser improvements a different interface and other add-ons including the Add button to the main screen of the Web-sites different and the reader of news material and, moreover, was to improve the transfer between Web sites open and improve the app to be more efficient on the hardware of low specs that come with 1 GB of RAM or less. At present, this feature is available only in demo version of the browser and we expect the update to the official version of the app very soon, and you don’t necessarily need a Samsung phone in order to use the company’s browser and you can install the browser on any smart device running Android 5.0 and above.

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