Samsung browser the first application gets the design OneUI your company

متصفّح سامسونج أوّل تطبيق يحصل على تصميم OneUI الخاص بالشركةSamsung design the user interface OneUI to determine the elements located near the bottom of the screen to facilitate use with one hand, especially for phones author of the young adult, and now you know the company from the adoption of their browser on Android devices for this design, to be the first app of Samsung supports this new interface.

In addition, it was expanding dark mode on the browser, where when you activate it now will display the browser UI and websites in the appearance of the dark, and previously was activated only on the main browser interface.

متصفّح سامسونج أوّل تطبيق يحصل على تصميم OneUI الخاص بالشركة

As and add a new approach to protect the privacy of users, through a new feature the Smart Anti-Tracking “anti-tracking smartphone”, in this context, the company says that this feature uses machine learning to determine the scope of the external actors that try to track you across the web, where the browser will this domain have access to the cookies, which gives its ability to follow you, and here you can turn this feature on under Settings and then privacy and security access for the Smart anti-tracking.

متصفّح سامسونج أوّل تطبيق يحصل على تصميم OneUI الخاص بالشركة

Finally this update is currently available in the latest prerelease version of the browser which carries the version number of 9.1, you can download it by navigating to the page of the demo app on the Play Store from here.

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