Samsung browser officially supports the design of OneUI and prevent tracking smart

متصفح سامسونج

About a month ago from now, provided a Samsung test version of the browser by the web “Samsung Internet” for users of the Android platform, and tested in the company design its new OneUI, in addition to feature more importance in the Prevention of tracking smartphone “Smart Anti-Tracking”, now and through the official update for the browser up for all Android users gradually, the availability of these benefits in full and without any significant problems.

In respect of the design of the new “OneUI”, the movement of the elements of the main facade near the bottom of the screen, in order to facilitate use with one hand, especially for phones and author of the big screens, together expand the feature of dark mode to wallpapers websites.

متصفّح سامسونج يدعم رسميًا تصميم OneUI وميزة منع التتبع الذكية

As for the water smart “mind trace”, said it was a new approach to protect the privacy of users, the company noted here that “this feature uses machine learning to determine the scope of the external actors that try to track you across the web, where the browser will this domain have access to the cookies, which gives its ability to follow you”, here you can turn this feature on under Settings and then privacy and security access for the Smart anti-tracking.

Download update Samsung browser Of Here.

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