Samsung begins to launch the final version of the Android System 9 eBay phones Galaxy S

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I started a company Samsung on Monday launched the final version and stable update Android 9 eBay phones Galaxy S9 Galaxy S Plus, after having spent the past months in their choice.

Reported users that the update arrived for owners of Galaxy S in a few European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and in the Arab region, to link the update to the phone owners in the United Arab Emirates. It is expected that Samsung release the update for more countries gradually over the coming days.

As for new features, in addition to the advantages provided by the Google in the latest version of the Android system, brings the update for Samsung phones particularly, the user interface is One new UI that facilitates the use of apps on phones.

It is indicated that the advantages added by Google to the system include the development of the “Do Not Disturb” Do Not Disturb, new, dashboard, Dashboard, Battery Adaptive Adaptive Battery, and Navigation, brightness, automatic Adaptive Brightness.

With regard to the UI One UI, it includes an option to lock the icons on the Home screen, and an option to activate Night Mode, and the option “raise to run the” Lift to Wake, plus the option to “trash” Recycle Bin. Also bring the situation of the floating keyboard, the possibility to re-adjust the volume and screen brightness, as well as to facilitate the use of “put child” Kids Mode.

Brings update Android 9 Bay to phones Galaxy s a new situation to shoot the video within the camera application, in addition to the tips to use the battery under the section “machine maintenance”.

It is indicated that the Samsung was relatively quick this time in the launch of the Android update the main identity of its leading smart, for comparison, launched Android update 8.0 Oreo for Galaxy S after about 7 months of release by Google, and kissed delayed Android version 7.0 we direct about 5 months to reach the Galaxy S7.

Also referred to as the Samsung had said weeks ago she’s waiting to launch the final version of the Android System 9 bay during the month of January 2019, a date that looks like it will be a date to launch it for her phones in all countries of the world.

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung begins to launch the final version of the Android System 9 eBay phones Galaxy S

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