Samsung begins production of chip memory random 12GB LPDDR4X DRAM for smart phones


Samsung continues its progress towards the future, which he believes will be bright when it comes to mobile devices. After the start of the production process of the memory chip eUFS 3.0, which has up to 512GB, started the company now also produces the memory chip random DRAM amounting to a capacity of 12GB and designed for use in smart phones.

The memory chip random these are based on standard LPDDR4X used advanced manufacturing technology 10 nm, which has existed since last year. Reset Samsung create the chip memory random new this through the accumulation of six chip 16Gb LPDDR4X in one package compact pull less power too. The result is a chip with a thickness of 1.1 mm only.

In terms of performance, can reach a data transfer rate in the new chip to 34.1 GB per second while retaining the same rate of energy consumption due to the increase in the memory capacity of the random. Generally, the expected arrival of chip RAM Samsung 12GB LPDDR4X DRAM to the next generation of high-end smartphones later this year.


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