Samsung begins mass production of the chip eUFS 3.0 512 GB

Samsung recently officially announced the start of mass production chip eUFS 3.0 512 GB, which comes perform more efficient than the previous version.

Samsung-512GB eUFS 3

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After launching versions of Samsung possible phones Galaxy S10 moved to Samsung for a new announcement about the first chip storage capacity 512 GB chip eUFS 3.0 which already entered into mass production stage now.

Also confirmed Samsung is in the comments new the quest of the eUFS 3.0 storage New now comply with the performance standards provided in the storage devices laptop is possible on the slim too.

How come the memory of the eUFS 3.0 of the fifth generation of 512-gigabit V-NAND, where it can provide the speed of reading data up to 2100 MB per second, a speed multiplier chip eUFS 2.1, with a speed in the writing of the data up to 410 MB per second the SATA SSDs in performance.


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