Samsung begins mass production for the first memory eUFS 3.0 with a capacity of 512GB in the world


Shortly after the official announcement of the series phones Galaxy S10 Series, the Samsung proclaim is another great. One could argue that no less important is the sector of mobile devices as a whole. We are talking about the chip storage new with a capacity of 512GB using technology eUFS 3.0, making it bring improvements on the level of performance compared with the previous generation.

Chip memory, new Samsung 512GB eUFS 3.0 from Samsung is now into mass production which is superior to the performance level of the on-chip memory eUFS 2.1. Went to the executive vice president for sales and marketing of memory in the Samsung to go further, he said that the new standard addresses finally with computers, portable super slim in terms of memory performance.

Can reach read speed of the memory chip, the new Samsung to 2100 megabytes per second, this represents double the chip speed the eUFS 2.1 the current. In fact, reading speed four times faster than our selves SSD traditional SATA interface. When it comes to quickly writing in the memory chip is new, it should be up to 410 Mbps, which is the same write speed of their selves SATA SSD.


Chip new memory also got upgraded at the level of the input speed and output, it has a speed of random read of $ 63000 IOPS, while the write speed random $ 68000 IOPS. For comparison, this is faster than MicroSD cards approximately 630 times.

In addition to the memory chips eUFS 3.0 with a capacity of 512GB, the Samsung company now says production of these chips with a capacity of 128GB, and has plans to start manufacturing these chips as well with a capacity of 256GB and 1 TB at some time during the second half of this year.


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