Samsung anticipation for the coming of-core Exynos processor new is that it will be an extraordinary

Exynos soc

Samsung publish tweets at Twitter excited about the coming processor Exynos new. The company has not disclosed a lot of details, but the phrase ” New Frontier ” and ” Cutting-Edge Processor ” refers to The Wizard a new pilot.

Earlier this year, the company completed the Samsung development process, manufacturing technology 5nm EUV resists, which is expected to being operation in 2020. According to the company, the process of this manufacturing is to increase the density by 25%, reducing energy consumption by 20%, or provide higher performance by 10% with the use of the same amount of energy.

As you can imagine, rumors suggest that the phone Galaxy S11 will be with a processor Exynos or Snapdragon new will make their use of technology 5nm EUV resists. While Samsung will manufacture the processor Exynos Your by yourself, you’ll resort to Qualcomm to the company, TSMC to oversee the manufacturing process addressed the upcoming flagship.

Start of the conference Samsung Tech Day 2019 today. This is the perfect place to advertise the new processor. Note that there are rumors that Samsung will unveil the processor Exynos 9630, which will belong to the medium category, so you may have to wait much longer before we see a processor that will be used on Galaxy S11.

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