Samsung announces the feature of Remote Access new for smart TVs

Samsung announced it has brought the new feature for smart TVs from the company known as Remote Access, which allows users to control all devices that are associated with smart TVs.


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Come feature Remote Access for smart TVs from Samsung in 2019, to provide users with a wireless controller in the devices that are associated with smart grids, where user can through these water control in smart phones, tablet devices, computers, and through the programs and applications compatible with smart TVs from Samsung.

Also supports the feature of Remote Access entry in the hardware comparison smart grids, and you can also use the keyboard for input via the smart TVs support a better control in writing the content on the screen, also the user will need to contact the HDMI cable to support the conjugations.

Can also check and perform many of the tasks in the computers through the smart TV with the feature of Remote Access, where for example web browsing, or playing games using the keyboard or the FARC is connected to the TV screen.


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