Samsung announces shift to eco-friendly materials in packaging their products

Samsung announced about their plans to use environment-friendly material of recycled paper, for example, in the packaging products and accessories the company starting from 2019.

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Speak Korean giant during the next period for use of plastic materials in packaging their products from smart phones or smart devices along with accessories, to the use of biomaterials and recycled paper in packaging products, in the framework of the try Samsung to use non-harmful to the environment.

So according to the statements of Samsung that is changing the plastic material in the molds packaging Samsung phones, for example, to the paper vital or recycled, also scheduled to begin to apply the plans of Samsung in the first half of 2019.

On the other hand, indicated that Samsung plans to change the exterior design to the units charging your smartphones, with units shipping next design, matte on the reverse design of the illustrious current units shipping, which is another step of Samsung to reduce the use of plastic materials.

Also scheduled to go Samsung to use fiber certified alternative for paper used in boxes and packaging products, to oversee these changes, the new specialist team and to monitor the final quality of packing material.


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