Samsung announces series TVs The Sero vertical and orientation of the generation of the new millennium

سامسونج تعلن عن سلسلة تلفزيونات The Sero العمودية وتوجهها لجيل الألفية الجديدة

Companies occasionally advertise products with strange ideas and unconventional, and perhaps technology companies have the largest share of it. And, of course, the Samsung of those companies with a lot of strange thoughts, where he announced a series TVs new, but unlike the traditional system come vertically.

Launched Samsung name The Sero on a series of televisions unconventional, comes screen size of about 43 inches and the company says it is directed to the generation of the new millennium and thus give them the option between getting the screen vertical or horizontal traditional through its management. This would encourage them to view phone content on a screen, in particular the content of the video applications vertical such as Snapchat it also encourages creativity in content production horizontal due to the presence of a large screen display.

Can take advantage of the screen is also converted to the color of the art style series The Frame when not in use or converted to sound or even in the management of the environment surrounding smart devices via voice assistant to earn.

Will tv New available for purchase in Korea in the beginning during the month of May, will be price ranges of around 1,600$.

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