Samsung announces chipset eUFS with a storage capacity of 1 TB for the next generation of phones

Samsung announced its plans to support phone manufacturers with storage eUFS comes with a storage capacity of up to 1 TB of storage for phones, where it is expected to apply to this slide in the series Galaxy S10 base.

Samsung 1TB eUFS

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The first segments of eUFS in the world with a storage capacity of 1 TB come from the Korean giant this year, where Samsung has already begun mass production of these slides prepared to support the manufacturers of the handset with the storage capacity of the largest in 2019, which is expected to come in the next versions with a storage capacity of terabytes in storage capacity in the flash chip.

I have pointed out to Choi that the storage capacity of the new segments of eUFS, will play a significant role in the development of the next generation of smart phones to make the experience of trying to devices notebook, where the new capacity is the same size as the storage capacity of the previous 512 GB.

Also expected to provide capacity eUFS storage the new speed in the data read up to 1000 MB per second, it would provide Speed 10 times more than the microSD card traditional.

Recall that Samsung has been promoting Galaxy Note 9 last year as the first versions that support storage up to 1 TB, they only use 512 GB only on the microSD card, the highest storage capacity in the possible versions of smart phones at the moment.

Also expected, according to several leaks that have been spotted so far to come some of the models of the series Galaxy S10 this year with a storage capacity of up to 1 TB, it also comes model with the RAM 12 giga bytes of RAM.


I know of

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