Samsung and LG intend to intensify the production of smart phones new

CES 2018

To strengthen its sales flowing decided Samsung and LG Koreas follow a new strategy depend on the intensification of production and a greater number of smartphones every year.

It seems that Samsung and LG have started already to follow the new policy is based on the launch of the largest possible number of new smart phones instead of focusing on the category a certain price, while the company launched two Koreas 11 smart phone in each of 2016 and 2017, the Samsung has already launched 9 phones smart while LG 8 eight phones new smart during the first half of the year.

According to Strategy Analytics, specialized market research, the share of Samsung in the smartphone market declined during the first quarter of the year to 22.6% compared to 22.7% during the same period of 2017 and the decline in the share of LG of up to 3.3%, while the share of Huawei’s market share increased by 2% to 11.4% and doubled the share of Shao to 8.2%.

Chinese companies such as Shao. Huawei managed to achieve growth file growth on the level of the world during the past few months through the introduction of a large number of smartphones equipped advanced and at prices considered cheap compared to phones of other companies. While it is Chinese companies have some report in the smart phone market in Japan, they may go for in South Korea which he does not want his work electronic industries there.

Do you think that the production of a large number of smart phones has really helps to improve sales figures? Or they may confuse the user and negatively affect the decision to purchase? We shared your perspective in the comments.

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