Samsung achieved record earnings in the first quarter of 2018

سامسونج تحقق رقماً قياسياً في الأرباح في الربع الأول من 2018

As expected, Samsung announced that its financial report for the first quarter of 2018, which saw the achievement of record operating profit.

The company had previously revealed its second fiscal quarter of 2018 to achieve a record, which is what happened with the company’s announcement about 14.4 million of operating profit.

The company said that sales of smart phones Galaxy S9 وS9+ was high, but the unexpected is the level of demand large and continuous on phones Galaxy S8 on non-public with previous years with the rest of the phones.

On the other side, have spoken to the police about weak demand for OLED screens produced by the unexpected, where these screens are being produced for iPhone X, and it seems that sales of the phone were much lower than expected which has contributed to weak demand for monitors. But the company talked about their expectations for rising demand for these screens in the future.

Published company also in its report about the decline of TV sales, but those numbers probably will rise significantly in the second half of the year with the launch of several screens with different and accurately reach 8K.


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