Samsung. A new category Galaxy — the second model is cheaper and less

Samsung на CES

For users of modern devices, primarily, smartphones. Since then, they have appeared on the market, they managed to become the most relevant electronics. However, a new category of smart products, is gaining popularity. And Samsung, the market leading smart phones, has announced the first model of this device. Now in the Network appeared the message about the second version, which probably will differ a more reasonable price. Expect that many questions will answer in the upcoming January exhibition CES 2019.

Along with the Galaxy Note 9 in August 2018, the company Samsung announced also smart column Galaxy Home. It’s been five months, and the product and is among the devices that have yet to enter the market. But, it seems that the South Korean tech giant is working on another device in this category, notes by George (George) in the published resource note.

At CES 2019 are waiting for new details about Galaxy Home

Galaxy Home

All that is known about the new smart column — color. The novelty will be black. Model number — SM-V310 (original model Home Galaxy — SM-V510). And on this basis it is concluded that the subject device will be smaller and/or cheaper. However, the price of Galaxy Home haven’t been announced yet.

Original model Home Galaxy represents the combination of AKG speakers, eight microphones and Bixby. Perhaps in the smaller model will be just one or two microphones and less likely AKG branding is not provided. But this is only speculation concerning what will be different model from V310 V510. Soon, in January next year, will start CES 2019. The exhibition will feature many firsts, many of which will be Telegram-channel hottest news Android ecosystem. It is possible that at CES we’ll know more about the prospects of new products from Samsung Home Galaxy.

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