Samsung introduced a revolutionary flexible display Infinity Flex

The company Samsung on 7 November held a presentation at the conference Samsung Developer Conference. At the presentation, the company paid much attention to the development of SmartThings and Bixby. Samsung believes that the development of ConnectedThings should contribute to the introduction of 5G. In 2020 all products of the company are connected to each other. The company introduced a number of interesting products. Today we talk about them.

Samsung reinterpreted Bixby. Now this is not just a smart assistant. We are talking about a full-fledged platform. The company launched Bixby Developer Studio. The development tools will allow developers from all over the world to create new gadgets for Bixby. We are talking about some analogue Skills Yandex Alice.

The company also showed SmartThings Device Kit for the interaction of connected devices with SmartThings cloud Cloud. Also now with the help of speakers, Galaxy Home you can control, for example, a telephone. If you ask the column to find the phone, he (smartphone) activates a tune. Samsung introduced Voice Media Control API using this interface you can interact with the TV by voice commands and Ambient Mode the SDK will allow you to turn the TV into a picture frame..

One UI

This is a new look to the Android interface. Smartphones are becoming larger in size to reach the items located in the upper area of the screen is not very convenient, so Samsung has redefined the position of the elements. Now the lower part of the screen of the smartphone, adapted to the management, and upper — for viewing content.

Flexible display

Samsung introduced a revolutionary flexible display. Yeah, maybe the Chinese even before Samsung did it first, but Samsung will soon begin mass production of such displays. We are talking about technologies that are ready to use. On stage, the company said that it uses a number of technologies that will make such a display. After thousands and even hundreds of thousands of folding the pixels on the curve will remain active.

The company has revealed what will be, in our opinion, the future premium Galaxy F:

Of course, while the final design no one says it’s only a demonstration of the technology itself display the Infinity Flex. The final device will be much more attractive.

Samsung has partnered with Google to adapt Android for this form factor. Now we can talk about the fruits of cooperation. Owners of the Samsung flexible smartphone will be able to simultaneously use up to three apps on one screen.

At the presentation, the Koreans showed other new kinds of displays that will be used in 2019: Infinity, U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O and New Infinity. Most likely, the Galaxy S line will get the New Infinity display, Galaxy A all the other options.

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