Samples images from the first camera phone 108 MP

Revealed Shawty finally on her phone flagship Mi Note 10 after a series of dispersion relations, to be the first phone with a camera, accuracy, 108-megapixel camera, though the resolution does not refer to the final result always better, but what we wanted is show you how the details in the image, accuracy 12,032 x 9,024 pixels.

Note that the preparation of the application of the camera of the Mi Note 10 the default is to capture images of 27 megapixels; and where you destroy pixels to make the final result more satisfactory, although the number of pixels less.

Apart from that, the sample pictures below taken in the modem 108 MP, but displayed on the site may affect air quality for several reasons, so we provide a link to Google Drive to improve its quality full.

First feelings of nature; which includes the intricate details of colors and tissues can cause the image processing of the initial loss, causing an effect similar to the “paint”, as can be seen in the first two pictures.

كاميرا 108 ميجابكسل

كاميرا 108 ميجابكسل

In the second scenario, the improved performance of the camera, even the smallest details are visible and clear when you zoom the image to 100%; the image capacity of the sensor depth of the scene is impressive, without the need for camera depth or camera ToF.

In the following image, blend the leaves with because of the color of her converged, but still the details present in the image, even after enlargement.

Here, we note that the force sensor depth of the scene again, the details are so awesome, it almost can’t confirm the location of the cropped second image of the big.

And the sun’s rays to clarify the details when the camera key, which shows the details of leaves satisfactorily, but there is a loss of accuracy of the color red sometimes.

Finally, we note that these are just samples quick of the camera 108 MP, if you choose modem 27 MP it merges surplus of pixels to get the image to be more satisfactory in most scenarios, unlike the camera 108 MP requesting lighting to moderate sound output. This we recall that the original image quality full, as well as additional images found in the (link Google Drive).

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