Samples camera Huawei P30 Pro review the shooting modes different

“Rewriting the rules of photography” is the sentence which is echoed by the Huawei in its promotion for P30 Pro, and after a few days of the launch of the phone we saw vivid evidence on the authenticity of the article, especially the capacity of night photography and visitor up to 10 times without loss of quality visitors hacks even 50 times, here’s a sample picture of the situation of different photography phone Huawei P30 Pro.

Ordinary photos

In the end, where you answer a lot of phones in the output of the good photos, it seems that the P30 Pro of the best of these phones in the monitoring details and natural colors and contrast. Knowing that the image that Windows close a little.


Already Huawei Oppo submission P30 Pro as the first phone with a camera person to offer optical zoom up to 5 times a hybrid up to 10 times without quality loss and up to 50 times any even 580 meters.

Wide lens

To get a big scene, you can move on to film work clear, note the difference between my picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Low light

Even the night mode is better in a lot of scenarios from the Pixel 3, as seen in the comparison. Here’s a sample image with a comparison with the Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2 Night Sight 1

Google Pixel 2 Night Sight 1

Pixel 2, Night Sight

Huawei P30 Pro

Put the Porter

Thanks to the camera ToF IV, can phone Huawei P30 Pro cell isolation and brilliantly about people and things. But according to compare Mrwhosetheboss the iPhone XS Max the best in normal lighting, and the rights of the S10 in the video, as in when rounding of the element (the phone, not the zoom) to use the feature of “micro” preference in the put Porter for the Huawei.

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