Sales of the iPhone continue to decline in India because of the high prices

iPhone XS Max

Phones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR is the most expensive in the history of phones Apple yet, it seems that these high prices have made customers reluctant to buy phones the new Apple TV in India.

We’ve heard many reports that talked about the amount of low for the new Apple TV in a number of countries around the world. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal of America, it appears that Apple is having trouble selling its new smartphones in India as well. As you probably know, India is the second largest market for smartphones in the world after China, so it is a huge market where you can buy Apple TV to achieve tremendous growth if you can convince people to buy its new smartphones.

India is among the major markets sensitive to price, we’re 75 percent of the smartphones sold there cost less than 150 USD. As you all know, is the phone iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max new cost 1000 $ at least, so you can find out why the company is facing Apple’s difficulty in selling more units of the iPhone in India.


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