Sales of the Google pixel did not exceed 3.9 million phones in 2017

Remained Google wandering in the marketing of smart phones own support since 2010 with phones Nexus, but the search giant started taking this business seriously, after six years, at the launch of the first generation of phones pixel which have been manufactured in collaboration with HTC Corporation has been marketing the device as the first phone made Google began Google in a significant investment to strengthen its efforts in this framework, the latest of which was the acquisition of a design team phone pixels than HTC. The company introduced the second generation of phones pixels a few months ago and provided him with the latest technology cameras are the best so far in smartphones despite the positive ratings obtained by phone, but it suffered from many problems hardware and software coupled with the weak marketing and absence in many global markets and weak production the. In the new number may be shocking to some thing, according to company data analysis, market research, IDC was able to Google from charging a total of 3.9 million units just from phones pixel in 2017, his number is very small. Although the figure does not come directly from Google but IDC estimate looks reliable where posted on Twitter Research Director of the company, seems to be on Google instead more efforts and provide their phones in more markets if you wanted to lift from the soft demand for its devices.

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