Sales of the Galaxy S10 5G break through the barrier of 1 million units in South Korea alone

Galaxy S10 5G

According to Rose today, it seems that Samsung dominates the smartphone market, compliant with the 5G in South Korea where it sold more than million units of the Galaxy S10 5G within 80 days.

If we divide the total number of sales on the days of the overall market, you’ll find that he is selling 15 thousand units of the phone Galaxy S10 5G through each day. In contrast, the LG company from the sale of 280 thousand units of the phone LG V50 ThinQ 5G since the day of 10 May to now. This still represents the number of distinct, but is still in need of a lot approaching the Dancing Detective by the phone Galaxy S10 5G.

Started the revolution of 5G in South Korea, but you can already get the Galaxy S10 5G in the UK through the telecommunications companies local, including EE and Vodafone, and in the United States of America also through telecommunications companies, local, including Verizon and Sprint.


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