Sales of phones OnePlus surpassed Samsung’s sales in India for the first time

This topic sales of phones OnePlus surpassed Samsung’s sales in India first appeared on Engadget.

It seems that the company OnePlus has surpassed Samsung by selling its phones more in the state of India. According to Counterpoint Research, it was OnePlus manufacturer The best-selling in the primary sector in India in the second quarter of 2018, it has reached the highest level in the market with a share of 40 per cent, and it is surprising that this data was for the quarter as a whole (the days of the month of April, May and June) where was your OnePlus 6 for sale since mid-May compared with phones Galaxy S9 and +S9 from Samsung which was launched in the month of March.

Think this is the first time that excels in the company OnePlus in India, has been one of the reasons this place is the low sales of Samsung and Apple in the quarter, where the percentage of their sales of 34% and 14%, respectively. And a Counterpoint Research indicates that new entries from Huawei, Nokia, vivo and LG have penetrated the market also. It is interesting that OnePlus has achieved the highest percentage of market share reaching 40 percent thanks to sales of the phone OnePlus 5T formed 10 percentage points of the 40, all of this has happened in the first half of the third quarter before being put up for OnePlus 6.

It was the company OnePlus is incredibly strong in the state of India and this is the Thanks phone its flagship OnePlus 6, and the price of the device OnePlus 6 about 35,000 Indian rupees, compared to the mess +S9, which reached its price is 60000 Indian rupees. It seems that the price factor has definitely contributed to the sales numbers, the price is a huge factor in the Indian market, where the discriminatory sales to be much less expensive than Western countries. Despite winning the company OnePlus, Samsung is still the biggest sign of smart phones in India %29 of the total market, and that OnePlus is not listed in the top five too, because they sell the phones is relatively expensive.

Regardless of the overall situation, the company OnePlus intends it no doubt as a big win for growing its brand, it’s also the aspiration to repeat this achievement in other markets worldwide despite the fact that it will be harder, given that Samsung occupies a dominant position in many markets that don’t care about price and value.


This topic sales of phones OnePlus surpassed Samsung’s sales in India first appeared on Engadget.

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