Sales of phones Galaxy S9 in South Korea was much lower than expectations

Galaxy S9+

In the past, when it was Apple, Samsung launches its smart phones new flagship, that was the smartphone achieve great success once they reach the market, but we can’t say the same thing in recent years. In fact, it seems that the Galaxy S9 did not achieve those sales that were looking forward to it Samsung in South Korea.

According to a new report released recently from the news agency ETNews, it seems that sales of the two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 in South Korea was less than the desired level. The report quotes figures from operators of the Big Three in South Korea that Samsung managed to sell 707 thousand units of the Galaxy S9 during the past two months, which is apparently the lowest number ever for the company.

The report cites the reference to sales numbers of the iPhone X that you can’t override 475 thousand units sold throughout the past four months. He quoted an official of a telecom company, a local spoke on condition of anonymity as saying : ” for he is not the launch of new phones by its competitors, including Samsung, the 70 thousand units sold per month is considered extremely low “.

There were no reasons could explain the low sales, but given that we have seen Apple and Samsung refuse of their prices steadily over the years, it is possible to have lower sales due to fierce competition from Chinese companies that make the phones very powerful and suitable prices.


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