Sales of Nintendo Switch exceed 6 million units in Japan

Nintendo Switch

As expected, the achieved device Nintendo Switch the performance of the landslide in the Japanese market in the last week with the release of the game Super Smash Bros. are, and exceeded the total sales of the device 6.1 million units in Japan since March of 2017.

This means that your new Switch Miss officially on the total sales of the PlayStation Vita in the Japanese market, which managed to sell 5.9 million units, and also means that the device in the way to overthrow the device Sony the owner of the immense popularity this generation PlayStation IV, which has sold 7.38 million units in Japan so far.

And if sales continued at the strong suite this vein, it may outperform the rivals from Sony, such as the end of the current fiscal year or about it. Well, huge successes certainly bring this device despite the many uncertainties that accompanied the launch of some analysts and players alike.

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