Sales Huawei P30 up to 10 million units in less than three months!

Achieved series phones Huawei possible to Huawei P30 a new record in the history of the Chinese leading, where sales reached new series 10 million units in 85 days only, in less time than two months for the arrival of phones P20 to figure this out.

مبيعات Huawei P30 تصل إلى 10 مليون وحدة في أقل من ثلاثة Sales Huawei P30 up to 10 million units in less than three months.

This comes to completion in the shadow of the bad times that pass by Huawei because of the ban, however, was Huawei’s sales floor this year have reached 100 million units by the end of last May, faster than it was last year.

Real Huawei has a lot of accomplishments this year, recently got Huawei P30 Pro awarded “Best Smartphone” by the competition of European Hardware Awards, and a technical description of the cameras SuperSpectrum and SuperZoom as the innovations of a major by more than 100 of phones around the world.

Camera P30 Pro

That’s not all, announced Huawei also they shipped 100 million products Fast shipping, this includes smart phones, banks, energy and charger that supports fast charging technology.

It broke H GT New Sales characteristic is other, since its launch in October has sold more than two million units, this makes them hours Huawei Smart most popular.

As for growth, the company shipped 5 million units in the first three months of this year – according to IDC thereby grew by 282% on an annual basis, and considers Huawei now of the best 3 Industry Smart.

All of these numbers and the growth rates associated with Make company China’s leading real danger for companies big phones, particularly Samsung, which seeks Huawei to extract the first center of the world, but let’s not forget that the duration of the lifting of the ban will expire in August next, and hope to up Huawei to find an ideal solution to maintain its popularity.

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