Russia’s new exoskeleton will give the opportunity to shoot a machine gun with one hand

Just recently, we wrote about the new exoskeleton from the company LG, which will help the warehouse workers. But any technology is used not only in civil but also in military sphere. And now came the first details about the domestic exoskeleton for soldiers, which can increase the force so that will allow you to shoot from a heavy machine gun with just one hand.

Responsible for the development of Central Research Institute “Tochmash”, part of state Corporation rostec. As reported by the press service of the Institute in an interview with TASS, the new exoskeleton is part of combat equipment “Warrior” of the third generation, which should come into service in 2025. Based on the design of the exoskeleton lies a titanium frame and a system of electric motors and stabilizers to increase the physical strength of the carrier. As stated by chief designer of the life support system of military combat equipment TSNII “Tochmash” Oleg Faustov,

“We have already tested the prototype of an active exoskeleton. It really increases the physical capabilities of the soldier. For example, the test was able to shoot a gun using only one hand and accurately hit a target.”

New exoskeletons will allow soldiers to move faster, carry more equipment and weapons and to carry out combat missions more effectively. Equipment will get a helmet with integrated thermal imagers and cameras and other sensors, who will assess the situation on the battlefield.

“Each soldier will be as a separate “sensor” on the battlefield, receiving information and targeting. Everything will be done automatically, but the fighter will only make the decision to defeat the purpose.”

However, at the moment of the widespread use of equipment of this kind prevents the imperfection of the batteries that would provide enough battery life and it would be quite easy. But, according to Oleg Faustova, “working to improve batteries is already underway.”

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