Russian scientists have pledged to beat Elon musk and “outdated technology,” SpaceX with nuclear missiles

Elon Musk and SpaceX will not be able long to lead the market of reusable space rockets, at least, this opinion was expressed in Russia. Research center. Keldysh working on reusable rocket for ten years and is now going to make some noise, presenting a new conceptual video showing the operation of the spacecraft. In conversation with journalists, Vladimir Koshlakov explained that Elon Musk and SpaceX do not represent a real threat. Musk, according to Maslakova, relies on technology that will soon become obsolete, and Russia is moving in the direction of the future of space flight.

Russian scientists claim that their nuclear missiles can reach Mars seven months after launch, and stage reusable rockets can be reused after just 48 hours.

Russia will overtake SpaceX

“Reuse priority,” said Koshlakov. “We have to develop engines that do not need to configure or repair more than once in ten flights. In addition, 48 hours after the rocket will return from space, she should be ready to fly again. The market requires”.

As for SpaceX, according to Maslakova:

“Elon Musk uses existing technology developed a very long time. He is an entrepreneur: he takes already existing solution and successfully uses it. It is worth noting that assistance in providing a government.”

The seventh of November on the YouTube channel of “Roscosmos” has a video with the new spacecraft, the nuclear engine. Some likened him to a ship from a sci-Fi movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron in 2009. Here’s what it looked like:

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