Russian scientists have developed "live" bandages

Despite the fact that the skin is an organ with a sufficiently high potential for regeneration, yet with serious injuries such as burns or deep wounds, it can not recover completely. Therefore, in some cases, resorting to skin grafting, but in the future and this may not be necessary, because Russian specialists have created a special kind of bandages that improve the regeneration of tissues.

For the new development, employees of the National Research Technological University (NITU) "MISiS" under the direction of Anton Manakhov are responsible. Creators themselves are called "live" bandages. They are multilayer biodegradable nanofibers made of polycaprolactone. This compound accelerates the healing of wounds and stimulates cellular regeneration of the skin's integumentary tissues, preventing the formation of scars. The fact that the scars are not elastic, they do not restore sweat glands and hair follicles, they are more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and in general can not perform all the functions of the skin.

But back to the "live" bandages: polycaprolactone threads in their composition are modified in such a way as to retain the proteins of blood plasma, platelets and antibacterial components like silver nanoparticles or antibiotic. Antibacterial substances reduce inflammation, and plasma proteins with platelets improve regeneration, stimulating the division of skin cells. Plus the new material also in the fact that such bandages do not need to be changed: after a while they just "dissolve", giving way to new tissues.

Now the authors of the development together with colleagues from the Scientific Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine in Novosibirsk have successfully completed a series of preclinical trials and are waiting for the beginning of the first clinical tests.

It is based on the materials of the press service of the NITU "MISiS"

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