Russian officials called for the development of the blockchain in the country

Today in Kaliningrad ends IPQuorum forum dedicated to intellectual property issues. The event was organized by the Association IPChain and ECOP. On it the Governor Anton Alikhanov told about the desire to create a “mining valley”. This good news has not ended — officials as a whole supported the idea to implement the blockchain in Russia.

The blockchain technology. Prospects in Russia

Quotes officials shared Tape. Journalists report that the source was a press release on the meeting. The first topic was commented by the Deputy Minister of education and science of Russia Pavel Zenkovich.

We need a common digital infrastructure that would make the process easier and more versatile regardless of what objects and turn right.

Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Alexander Zhuravsky believes the pace of technology development is too high. Because of this, legislators are unlikely to them in time.

After some time due to blockchain technology, the emergence of distributed registries, the vertical system of management and protection of the rights will be replaced by horizontal, network, self-organizing communities.

Deputy Ministry of communications Alexei Volin said the need for such a service.

The growth in sales of legal content denies that the Russian people are not ready to consume legally.

To illustrate, the forum presented the project IPChain. According to its authors, the framework will create a single network for data storage intellectual activities. This information can be exchanged, and the data will be protected.

Hopefully, after such statements, the Central Bank will reconsider the attitude towards cryptocurrencies and allow their free exchange for rubles.

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