Russian government asks Apple and Google to remove the Telegram app from the app stores own


In the past week frequency that will be blocked the application talks to the famous Telegram in Russia. It is unclear when it will become effective ban, but it seems that the Russian government do not waste your time, because the reports from the telecommunications regulatory authority in Russia said that she had asked my company to Google and Apple to remove the Telegram app from the app stores of their own.

As reported, the oversight body of the local Roskomnadzor that they began to block access to the application Telegram after reading the ban issued by the Russian court. And for those who have not heard about this topic before, has refused a Telegram basically asked the Russian government delivered the encryption keys.

As you probably know, apps like Telegram and WhatsApp are coding full for the talks, this means that messages are encrypted when sent and decrypted when it arrives to its destination by the correct key. This means that even if a hacker intercept the message during transport, you won’t be able to read it as long as they do not hold the decryption key.

This is what you asked of the Russian Government of the company Telegram, where the government wanted the keys, which she claims she wants to use it for security purposes, this key will not decrypt the messages sent by criminals or terrorists. Has been submitted similar requests to other companies in the past, such as Apple, which asked the FBI to create security vulnerabilities hidden in the iPhones own so compromised during the incident.



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