Russian developers have created a messenger with AI on the basis of the Telegram

Until recently, artificial intelligence has found its application only in research and, if I may say so, the “domestic” aspects of our lives. But now increasingly, you can hear that the AI integrated into the most different spheres — from military to social. And if the former, we, for obvious reasons, not much is known, in the fellowship of artificial intelligence is already widely used. Thus, the Russian developers have created a messenger with integrated AI.

AiGram Messenger is an application, which took API Telegram and supplemented it with support of artificial intelligence technologies. The latter is implemented as narabotu: so the developers have called special assistants when communicating, which can create chat messages on your behalf and maintain conversations in various formats and styles. In other words, it’s “intermediaries” between AI and correspondence. While artificial intelligence analyzes the style and context of the conversation, neuropathy offer you ready-made phrases in his style and character, to answer a chat message.

Since the basis of the new messenger Telegram was taken, it does not store any data about users, especially correspondence. The service registration and messaging fully pass on the Telegram servers and belong to him. It’s possible to implement an interface use narabotu the most convenient way — it’s sort of familiar to us all stickers. Simply switch to a special tab in the window typing to get access narabotu.

The proposed answers are sometimes surprising: it could be a smart saying of Confucius, and a little humorous, but sharp phrase of Churchill’s. Part narabotu available for free, the other you can buy using in-app purchases. Often phrases are very accurate approach to the correspondence — here is where you realize the power and possibilities of artificial intelligence. If the incoming message is not suitable for the theme of a particular naramata, it just won’t offer you my phrase for the answer, so it is better to install not one, but several. The more different narabotu will be used in your chat, the more types of messages, they will be able to cover their own unique phrases.

The Android version (left) and iOS (right)

Important plus AiGram app as Telegram, cross-platform, that is available for iOS, and for Android. This allows you to use instant messenger with integrated AI on any device, without losing your social circle and usual quality of the Telegram, including to communicate in our Telegram chat. I would like, perhaps that the users could create and publish their app narabotu — so it would be more interesting. While available neuropathy created by the developer.

Various artificial intelligence systems already know how to do things that it is time to think about what the plot of the Terminator franchise is not so fantastic.

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