Russian blockchain startup Ubex became a member of the incubator Nvidia

In late February, Nvidia Corporation announced the intention to increase the production of graphics cards due to their scarcity and significant price increases. Now the company has added to its incubator Russian blockchain startup Ubex, which develops advertising platform based on a distributed registry, and artificial intelligence. This writes Coindesk.

How to make money on the blockchain

Ubex offers advertisers placing ads on websites with automatic targeting. Artificial intelligence analyzes the behavior of users and shows them the most relevant advertising. Information about placements and contracts are stored in the blockchain. A distributed registry is also used to process transactions, increasing their speed and reliability. The event was commented by the head of the company Artem Chestnov.

For learning artificial intelligence requires large amounts of data. We store the information from thousands of sources on the blockchain. This approach will make our system faster, smarter, stronger and more efficient.

In may Ubex presented the first working prototype of the platform and began beta testing of the site. It is expected that the service will be available to all users at the end of 2018.

Incubator Nvidia Inception Program provides startups in the sphere of information technologies and artificial intelligence access to educational and marketing tools as well as datasets for training neural networks.

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