Russia plans to impose fines strictly on technology companies

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Plan of Russia to impose fines tougher on tech companies that don’t comply with Russian laws, according to a report by Reuters, which increases the risk at the Battle of the Kremlin with global technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Russia has introduced over the past five years stricter laws on the internet requires search engines to delete some search results, as they require of instant messaging services share the encryption keys with the intelligence agencies, along with requests from social networks Store users ‘ personal data Russians on servers inside the country.

Illustrate the sources report that there are plans to Ross to impose fines of more technology companies, and that these plans are still on the form of the document for consultation prepared by the administration of President Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin has been sent to the players both in the industry to get feedback, and limited capacity of Russia in the current time on a set of tools, including fines that do not normally reach only a few thousands of dollars or prevent the electronic services of the infraction, an option fraught with technical difficulties.

The document proposes the introduction of amendments to the legislation so that the subject companies that do not comply with the laws, a fine equivalent to 1 percent of their annual income in Russia, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Russian Roskomnadzor Roscomnadzor had been accused of continuously companies Facebook, Google, regarding its failure to comply with Russian laws.

Also banned is the authority access to services LinkedIn in 2016, and I tried to do the same thing with the messaging service encrypted Telegram Telegram in the month of April, and accelerated Russia, is similar to what happens with the legislators and officials in the United States and the European Union, with the challenge of how to reduce the strength of technology companies that have accumulated enormous wealth and enormous quantities of data.

The result of a proposal to impose a tax on companies by 1 percent of their annual income to pay a lot of money, for example, has made the company a subsidiary of Google in Russia a profit of $ 45.2 billion rubles (687 million dollars) in 2017, according to a database SPARK, which gathered data from the records of the business activities, a substantial amount for a foreign company operating on Russian territory.

The information suggests that it is not yet clear how that will be done through its collection of the fine, given that some companies do not have a legal entity in Russia, and under the proposed amendments impose a fine of several times the same company each time it appears increased risk, in comparison, the maximum fine can buy Google in Russia to continue in the case of stable lifting her against Roskomnadzor under the current legislation is 700 thousand rubles (10595$).

This issue relates to allegations that Google is owned by The, did not adhere to requests to remove search results of private institutions banned in Russia, while the information that the Facebook experience points with the body to control communication about their commitment to the rules, since I didn’t save the company social media servers that contain users ‘ data to Russian to Russia, despite the passage of three years on the adoption of the law that requires this step.

And keep the Russian authorities, in addition to the imposition of fines and more stringent, the authority for the services of the company online under the new laws, and clarifies the sources report that the companies in the sector can accept higher fines if applied fairly and with the abolition of the practice of blocking websites and services, but these companies will suffer the laws that allow for fines and, with the assurance that anything that introduces changes to the ban system is an excellent idea.

And the ban on technical problems last year when officials tried to ban the company Telegram, where they unwittingly stop the arrival of Russian users to place voice calls via messaging service Viber Viber as Stop-based applications to the cloud policies of the company Volvo the Volvo, although it is still possible for the users to access Telegram in Russia.

The gate Arab News Technical Russia plans to impose fines strictly on technology companies

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