Russia launches the application that compete TikTok and acting on your clothes

The company announced the services of the Russian internet (Yandex) Yandex on Monday announced the launch of a new application to watch the short video aims to the appropriate application (tick tock) TikTok famous Chinese.

The company said the Russian: the application (Salwa) Sloy – means (layer) in Russian – is currently available via the Store (App Store) for iPhone in three countries: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

She promised to Yandex to launch the application (Salwa) for Android phones through 2020 next, also intends to launch in Europe, and the United States over the next year.

It is indicated that the application of The (Tick Tock) – which owns more than 500 million monthly active users, and wide reputation among adolescents in China and some countries of the world – allows users to create and share short video clips, with the possibility to add special effects.

Similar to (Tik Tok), allows the application of the (Salwa) its users to create video clips of 90 seconds with the effects of augmented reality, and background audio.

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According to the developers of the app, The able – thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence – to identify the elements of clothing that are worn by users, and Mark The allow users for you to see the videos to other users wearing the same clothes. Users can save these items in groups can refer to them later and share them with friends.

Although the company Yandex developed a technique of artificial intelligence able to recognize the clothes, the application the effects of augmented reality developed by company (Sea) Banuba: a Russian company is working on augmented reality technology food.

Targeting Yandex in its application of the new category of young people interested in fashion, and fashion, she had chosen the app for 5 months with about 3,000 users.

Russia launches the application that compete TikTok and acting on your clothes

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