Russia is stepping up its war against privacy and anonymity

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روسيا تصعد حربها ضد الخصوصية وإخفاء الهوية

Stepped up Russia this week, the war against the preservation of privacy andanonymity, and after after her attempt in the month of April last blocked the service of instant messaging of Telegram Telegram, has ordered a court in Moscow from the company program messaging encrypted pay 800 thousand rubles, or about $ 12 thousand dollars due to non-delivery of information users, while Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Dmitry Medvedev the decree of the new force network operators of mobile phones to control and determine all the messaging apps used by clients.

The providers of messaging services to contact your operator my mobile network every time you buy a user of the mobile phone Russian in the service of freelancing again to confirm and verify the phone number of the user, with reference to the owning network operators in the mobile phones and only 20 minutes to do this, and if they can not verify the phone number, it should be on the messaging service the user is banned.

The decree that in case the customer to change the mobile operator will have to perform a complete identity verification process and drawing up of new, according to official explanations, these steps come due to the use of criminals, terrorists, services messaging-encrypted, which in turn try to hide the identity of the user, which poses an additional burden on the operators of mobile phones in Russia, but given that the authorities request to store user data locally, it reported most of them to the control systems needed will be easy to implement.

It seems that the telecommunications companies do not suffer such challenges in the hope to limit the use of such services and applications after that caused no significant decrease in profits, since the application WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, the messaging app most commonly used in Russia, following Viber Viber and Skype Skype, based on the information in 2016, with some reports that put the use of WhatsApp among the owners of mobile phones in the range of 70 percent.

While still messaging apps the least famous of which hide the identity of the user such as Zangi and Signal try starting in Russia, said Alexander visited on Alexander Zharov, the head of the Superintendency of communications in Russia Roskomnadzor Roskomnadzor, in his interview to the Russian newspaper, the Prohibition of anonymity was a necessary step towards creating an environment secure connection to the citizens and the state as a whole.

And the question of the preservation of anonymity when using the phone contacts messaging applications is difficult in the rest of the world too, as it selects more of the countries of the European Union compulsory registration contact cards SIM prepaid such as Belgium, France, Spain and Greece, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before proposing laws at the level of the European Union.

There is no concrete evidence that mandatory registration contact cards SIM prepaid leads to a reduction of crime, but it encourages the black market contact cards SIM registered through fraud or theft, according to the Federation of operators and companies of mobile phones the GSMA, and when clamped Poland this procedure in 2016, forced the minister of internal affairs, Marius posts Mariusz Błaszczak, to the audience that the people who sell those cards may face legal consequences in the case of the use of such cards within the criminal activity.

The gate Arab News Technical Russia is stepping up its war against privacy and anonymity

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