Russia choose the internet its own in isolation from the world

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According to the website (The Daily Mail), the Russian government may start testing an internal copy of the internet, isolated from the networks of other states, in November next, by claim local sources.

It is assumed that such setting is designed to protect the Russian systems is important from cyber attacks, which allows the Union to operate without interruption from the rest of the site.

In this context, activists say Ross that the tests are part of a wider range to isolate its citizens from the World Ocean and its implications.

This is not the first time that Russia they choose this ability, has been the announcement of the step is similar to his in the month of April last, but did not see the light of day .

Call back, said one of the news agencies informal in Russia that the state will begin tests to isolate the network after November 1, 2019 will be over at least a year, it is believed that the Russian government believes the current reliance on information technology West as a strategic weakness that could be exploited by other states.

For example, the imposition of Russian law in 2006 restrictions on access to services such as recruitment network LinkedIn apps text messages encrypted Telegram and ‘radio’ and Zello through assigned companies to open their programmes in front of the security forces and law enforcement agencies in the country.

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