Russia bans the application of secure texting telegram

Encryption method users within the telegram does not allow to comply with the orders of the government, and to do this should be on the app to remove encryption End-To-End, thus losing one of the most important features.

Earlier in the month of March appeared information B application Messaging encrypted telegram may be exposed to the ban in Russia, according to the new legislation that allow the government to encroach on the privacy of Russian citizens, which means that the encrypted telegram of mass violates the Law of the Russian Federation.

In order to comply with government, the application should deliver the encryption keys to the government to be able to read the talks of the users, the company refused it categorically, which is why I ordered the Russian court to stop accessibility to the application in Russia.

Nevertheless, it is not difficult to bypass this ban by using virtual private networks VPN, and all Russian citizens to do is register in one of the VPN Services, change their position, the default to another place outside of Russia, and then use telegram as usual.

Unfortunately, the access to VPN Services is the most difficult in Russia than it is in other parts of the world, which means that some of the services and the provider of this technology may not be available, but there are a lot of options which can succeed.

This does not affect regular users only, but on the government officials and many members of the Kremlin who use telegram to talk with other politicians and with journalists.

According to Reuters, which asked one of the members of the Kremlin about how to use telegram after blocking an individual to send a screen shot illustrating the use of the application telegram after hiring one of the VPN Services.

On a related note I promised Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of telegram work seriously in order to keep the app work in Russia without having to use the services of third-party VPN, while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that he can overturn the ban if they committed to the Company Law.


Source: Russia bans the Messaging app secure telegram

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