Russia and Canada will become a haven for miners after Chinese ban

The Chinese ban of Bitcoin mining, which proposed the introduction of a macroeconomic planning Agency of the country, caused another FUD in the community. Now, many are trying to predict where you will run the miners after they are outlawed. Although most analysts are talking about the Eastern regions, Mati Greenspan eToro of does not believe.

In an exclusive interview AMBCrypto he identified two key factors for diggers cryptocurrency. First, the country should be enough “cheap renewable energy”. Secondly, the legislation and relevant countries must be “friendly to cryptocurrency”.

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Pulling away from Japan and North Korea with their quite a loyal attitude to the crypt, Greenspan suggested the possible influence of Canada and Russia. Justifying their choice in favor of Canada, Greenspan cited a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, which was devoted to the potential ability of Bitcoin to monetize energy via the Internet. The article describes the case of converting waste natural gas into energy that is used for mining the first coins.

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According to senior market analyst at eToro, Russia is very “Pro-crypto-currency” country. According to sources, the government was already working on legislation that will bring cryptocurrency into the legal field. On the official website of the President of Russia is evidence that regulation of cryptocurrency should be prepared before July 1, 2019. The new legislation will also affect the associated with the cryptocurrency industry, including ICO and mining.

I think Russia is making efforts aimed at rapprochement with Scripturally, rather than on its compartmentalization.

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