Rumors of the date of the issuance of the ninth generation of Intel processors

No doubt van Intel Corporation of America, is the largest in the industry, the chips and processor of private computers around the world superior, far behind the other companies headed by the “e-MD”.

According to information circulating informally from Intel, it will be detected the new generation of series processors the company on 1 October Next and will carry this version number to 9, According to “wccftech” famous the new generation will come more than a model beginning with “i9” through “i7” and finally “i5” as yet there are no leaks about the availability of a version at least “i3” or Will my company have the versions only three.

Will be the highest model of a series of new processors number “Intel’s Core i9-9900K,” which will come with eight cores and each core split itself into two units to the two treatments to the number of operations processed at the same time “threads” to “16”.

The company will begin version of your personal computers “Desktop” holds 16 MB of memory cache “Cache memory” in addition to the Kart graphics ROM of the model “UHD 620”, with respect to the expected version “i7” it city eight cores as far as addressing the “threads” up to 8 instead of 6 is expected in the second generation current.

The women least “i5”, it will contain 6 cores and the ability of the guide the “threads” up to 6, The Company has announced us that they will begin to ask the processors non-gain speed for a start in early October that is thrown versions removable to gain speed to get the strongest possible performance, especially for fans of games designers during the early next year to 2019.

And, of course, but if she leaks, she said the American company in a new generation soon that means we can find computers, whether personal or portable containing the new generation of processors before the end of this year the markets, and wait for the experts facing the new generation in order to compare with the performance of the safety representative of the products of the company “E. M. D” which bears the name of “Ryzen” especially after the dazzling performance provided by that authority, whether in games or other tasks.

If you are clinging to buy new generation of processors and raise the efficiency of your personal computer we recommend that you postpone the purchase after the date of its availability at least one month until the culmination of the experiences and opinions of experts in the new processor and especially with the emergence of some problems in previous shipments, the first from the company.

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