Rumors indicate that Samsung is a supplier for the OLED in the telephone P30 Pro

More details and leaks which are published about the versions of the Huawei funded a series P30, where he confirmed a new report today that Samsung is a supplier for the OLED in the Huawei possible to P30 Pro.

P30 Pro

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The countdown has already begun for the start of the conference Huawei to announce its phones possible for this year, and in the latest rumors, which was launched via a new report on the internet, it was pointed out that Samsung is a supplier for the OLED in the telephone P30 Pro.

As the report added to that phone P30 will also come with a screen AMOLED of Samsung, where the rumors of the new information published on the Weibo confirming a contract agreement between Huawei and Samsung to resources recent OLED screens for the Huawei possible to P30 Pro.

It also referred to the existence of several reasons to change Huawei for its employees this year, with Samsung one of the most important names in the display industry OLED, so the company’s premises are equipped to supply and produce huge screen phone Huawei, and that the choice of Samsung to supply OLED screens will leak less around the featured version even announced.

Also expected to go Huawei to search on more than one supplier to avoid disruption of the production of OLED screens for its distinctive P30 Pro, to help the Chinese giant to charge phones in the materials which will be determined after the announcement without any postponement of the person or delay in the launch of the new versions to the market.


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